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Happy Holidays from SandboxRP

Discussion in 'Community Announcements' started by Sherlock, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Sherlock

    Sherlock Community Owner Staff Member Community Owner

  2. Asherr

    Asherr New Member

    I love it, thank you all for being with us on eXclusive Network. And special thanks to Sherlock for making such an amazing server. Have a Merry Christmas and an Amazing New Year
    -Much love, Asherr
  3. Nothing

    Nothing Staff Director Staff Member Staff Director

    Credit to me for building the set.
    [TFE] EclipseSoul likes this.
  4. (5R) BtailYT

    (5R) BtailYT SandboxRP Administrator Staff Member SandboxRP Administrator

    A bit sad I wasnt in this
  5. [TFE] EclipseSoul

    [TFE] EclipseSoul SandboxRP Administrator SandboxRP Administrator

    Merry Christmas and a shitty new year of more crappy memes worse than dabbing, damn Daniel and bottle flipping.
  6. Ham Sandwich

    Ham Sandwich SandboxRP Senior Administrator Staff Member SandboxRP Senior Administrator

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